Vending Machine Services Chicago, IL: Yes or No in Schools?

The question of whether or not schools should have vending machines has been hotly contested for a long time. Getting a snack or drink from a vending machine may be a cheap and easy option for students to keep themselves fueled in between meals. Vending machines are firmly established in American schools, being present in 43% of elementary schools, 74% of middle schools, and 98% of high schools.

Healthy Snacks for Students
The USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) implemented new regulations for school vending machine food and beverages in July 2014. In order to keep their doors open, schools have to figure out how to follow the new Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition rules without sacrificing profits.

Snacks served in schools must include the following nutritional components in accordance with the Smart Snacks program:

  1. Smaller than 200 calories
  2. Having a fat content of 35% or less
  3. Trans fat-free
  4. Healthy benefits rather than “empty calories”

What’s the Fix? Healthy snacks vending machine.
If schools are serious about preserving the money from vending machines, they should supply them with nutritious foods and beverages that are in line with USDA guidelines.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that schools provide students with healthy food options that help them concentrate and maintain their energy levels throughout the day. In addition to the obvious health benefits, VK Healthy Vending machines Chicago teach children that nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring or expensive.

When it comes to improving student nutrition, VK Healthy Vending machine company Chicago is unmatched in its dedication to the cause. Find out how easy and inexpensive it is to implement VK Healthy Vending at your school.