Advantages of Having Healthy Vending Machines in Schools

Research suggests that the benefits of installing vending machines in schools outweigh any potential drawbacks. A study found that a majority of schools surveyed had vending machines, and the selection of food options offered was a reliable indicator of students’ dietary health.

Vending machines offer more than just access to healthy food, here are the four most significant benefits of having vending machines in schools:


Enhanced Students’ Ability to Focus on Studies

Adequate sleep, water, and quality food are essential for students to maintain their attention during classes and while working on assignments. By making healthy food options more accessible to students, they will be less distracted by hunger, allowing them to stay focused throughout the day.


Strengthening Employee Morale

Not only are healthy vending options beneficial for students, they can also benefit staff. Access to affordable food options during busy times can be appreciated by staff, leading to improved job satisfaction and better work performance. This, in turn, can lead to better student performance.


Combat the issue of unhealthy snack choices

Providing easy access to healthy food options through vending machines is a solution to the problem of unhealthy snack options commonly found in vending machines. Rather than offering cheap junk food, stocking vending machines with nutritious snacks can positively impact the eating habits of students and faculty. Instead of traditional sugary and unhealthy options, consider offering healthier alternatives such as fruits, vegetables, and granola bars.


Easy food Source When Having Extracurricular Activities

Having access to vending machines is especially important for students who have longer days due to staying after school for activities such as sports practice or club meetings. These students have an increased need for proper nutrition and vending machines provide a convenient option for them. Similarly, staff members who are involved in extracurricular activities will also appreciate having access to vending machines.