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About VK Healthy Vending

Hello, I am Pawel Stachura owner of VK Health Vending company and I am a fierce supporter of healthy vending machines.

You’ve all witnessed the statistics showing rising rates of both adult and kid obesity. Change is on the horizon, which is wonderful news. More and more organizations are considering adding healthy vending to their corporate wellness programs as schools provide more nutrient-dense lunches. I can help in this situation.

Businesses and establishments in the Chicagoland area now have healthy vending machines alternative thanks to VK Health Vending . We have two options for placement: either next to conventional snack and beverage vending machines, or by taking the place of the unhealthy options.

Please fill out the form or give me a call at (708) 517-6213 if you’re interested in learning more or having me visit your institution.

Have a good day!

Pawel Stachura

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