Our equipment provides:

  1. A credit/debit card reader that also accepts coins and cash

  2. We often use remote monitoring to determine if a product selection is running short.

  3. If no one is working, an energy-saving mode may be employed to prevent wasting electricity and keep beverages cold overnight.

  4. A programmable gadget that may provide workers incentives (e.g. to reward employees working on weekends)

  5. SmartCard technology allows for rapid uploads and changes to machine settings.

  6. Ability to integrate an entree/side dish vendor for machine-made nutritious food alternatives

  7. The 2012 American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) rules for vending machines apply to the devices.

  8. The USA is proud to produce its machines.

None at all. Vending machines are offered to your firm at zero cost. In fact, we don’t only provide you with the equipment; we also regularly replenish and maintain it.

We do. We will keep an eye on, restock, and maintain the healthy vending machine as needed. Each of our operators has had thorough training to guarantee that the level of service is well beyond what you may have previously received from other vending machines. We are excited to share our dedication to providing nutritious goods to your staff and consumers since we are local members of your neighborhood.

Yes, your business may play a significant role in the available items. To please everyone, we think it’s essential to provide a good selection of nutritious items. The vending machine in the Chicago area will first be stocked with the most well-liked healthy goods available locally. We will meet with you later to talk about the adjustments to the choices and your recommendations. We may also host some free product sample activities.

Usually once a week or so. Each vending machine has wireless remote monitoring equipment so we can see whether a supply of a certain item is running low. We can set up a more regular service plan if it turns out that it has to be maintained more often than once per week.

The machine’s operation and upkeep, dietary recommendations, product management, inventory control, product sampling, etc. are just a few of the many areas in which we have received in-depth training. The most important thing, however, is customer service; we are here to help you and the other users of our vending machine company. If you ever require our local contact information, we will give you a business card and put it on the machine.

This relies on a number of variables. We must first assess how much foot traffic there is every day. The competition from other vending machines in your company, if any, has to be taken into account next. We would be pleased to provide your company with an extra healthy vending machine in Chicago if these two conditions are met. There may be enough demand in certain places, such as major schools, corporations, institutions, etc., for many machines.

All of the wholesome goods we provide are nationally recognized brands. The identical goods may be found at your neighborhood Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and other health food stores. Now that they are becoming more widely available, many of these healthier goods may be purchased on the shelves of conventional grocery shops and even convenience stores. The items we sell not only provide healthier alternatives, but they also taste fantastic and are quite popular.

This is dependent upon the particular deal. Numerous contracts only allow “conventional” vending items (e.g. Snickers, Coke, etc.). Because we can design menus with products that don’t compete with those on another machine, this doesn’t present a problem. The truth is that although many vending businesses claim they can provide healthier alternatives, very few really can.

To ensure everyone feels at ease, we ask that you sign a short contract outlining our relationship with your venue. There is no time limit on this agreement. In essence, it says that we are in charge of stocking and maintaining the equipment.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us!