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VK Healthy Vending
In Schools

Schools need to be aware of onsite vending machine programs more than ever. Parents and school administrators are equally concerned about the importance of children’s and adolescents’ health, which is why VK Healthy Vending provides vending solutions designed exclusively with schools in mind. We collaborate with local educational authorities to make sure that a school’s vending requirements are addressed and that the products on sale promote good nutrition. Additionally, we work to teach students the value of a healthy diet, and our healthy vending machines that provide nutritional data complement this effort.

Why Are Smart Snacks Important?

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Snacks may account for about a quarter of a child's daily calorie intake.

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Children who follow good eating habits are more likely to do well in school.
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During the school day, children eat and drink more healthily. When Smart Snacks are an option, opting for a healthy option is simple.

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For all meals sold outside of the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program, the federal government has set Smart Snacks Standards.

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Why You Should Work With Us

Offering wholesome snack options may help students concentrate and maintain their attention throughout the class, which will improve their grades. Who considers the impact of vending machine food on pupils’ grades? We do! You don’t have to worry about anything since we take into consideration anything linked to vending services. By cooperating with us, we can guarantee that:

  • Maximum 200 calories per snack
  • Products are not accessible during lunch
  • We supply vending machines beyond school hours
  • Our devices comply with the latest EMP ratings

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